Feeling confident in the face of the unknown and the unfamiliar can be a challenge.
Our self esteem can plummet.

Especially for we mortals who like to shake things up a bit,
take on new challenges and express our creative spirit
in ways that require us
to reach,
to stretch,
to step wayyyy outside our comfort zone.

Why do we do that? Why not just go with the status quo?

Because we know that
curiosity carries us out to play,
awareness opens our eyes,
resonance sings our soul song,
vulnerability tugs our heartstrings and
courage calls us to act.

And then fear gets in our way.
We can get bogged down, overwhelmed, stalled.
Our poor self esteem activates our inner critic 
and our self confidence takes a hike. Again. 

It doesn't have to be that way.
It is possible to make friends with fear, to build self esteem.
It is possible to show up with confidence when things go sideways.

When this business called life throws more at us than we feel we can handle
at work, at play, in our personal life, in business
and in our creative pursuits we can easily forget just how far we've come,
how much we've accomplished and what has gotten us this far.
We forget what challenges we've faced and what struggles we've overcome.

Remember, the world doesn't need your perfection. The world needs the real you.
Don't let fear dull your shine.

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My best to you,
Dawn Kotzer
Certified life, creativity and business coach, entrepreneur, artist, inner wilderness guide

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